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The series listed below contain scattered information and/or maps of PRR and Penn Central real estate holdings in Manuscript Group 286. ft.), Peoria and Eastern Railway / Annual Reports, 1928-1936, 1938-1961, 1963-1966, 1970-1973, 1976. (1 cu. (5.6 cu. ft.), PRR / Secretary / Board Files: Green Sheet Leases, 1926-1957. (.1 cu. In the early part of October 1855, a contract was made with Howard & Co. of Philadelphia to do the freighting business of the railroad (except coal, iron, and iron ore). From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. ft.), Philadelphia and Erie Railroad / Report to the Superintendant of the Tenth Census, 1880. ft.), Kensington and Tacony Railroad / Annual Reports to the Auditor General of Pennsylvania, 1895-1896. Abandoned Rails of the Lehigh Valley Railroad LV. ft.), Enola Realty Company / Ledgers, 1905-1932. (.1 cu. (.1 cu. [28] LVRR subsidiary, Lehigh Valley Railway began constructing the main line's northern part from Buffalo to Lancaster, New York, in 1883, a total distance of ten miles. (.6 cu. Bridging Newark Bay proved difficult. (3 cu. Ad vertisement from shop plaindealing. The Easton and Amboy Railroad was a railroad built across central New Jersey by the Lehigh Valley Railroad to run from Phillipsburg, New Jersey, to Bound Brook, New Jersey, and it was built to connect the Lehigh Valley Railroad coal-hauling operations in Pennsylvania and the Port of New York and New Jersey to serve consumer markets in the New York metropolitan area, eliminating the Phillipsburg connection with the CNJ that had previously been the only outlet to the New York tidewater; until it was built, the terminus of the LVRR had been at Phillipsburg on the Delaware River opposite Easton, Pennsylvania. (.1 cu. ft.), PRR / Secretary / Information Books, ca 1926-1954. Map of the Pennsylvania Schuylkill Valley Railroad, the predecessor to the Schuylkill Branch The abandoned Schuylkill Branch bridge over the Schuylkill River at Lower Pottsgrove, photographed in 2011 The Schuylkill Branch was a rail line owned and operated by the former Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. File usage on Commons. The purchase of the Penn Haven and White Haven was the first step in expanding to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. [24] The marshalling yard is now the residential area known as Harbortown. The line makes notable connections with other Norfolk Southern lines such as the Reading Line and independent shortline railroads. [13] With these acquisitions, the LVRR obtained the right to mine coal as well as transport it. At first the incident was considered an accident; a long investigation eventually concluded that the explosion was an act of German sabotage, for which reparations were finally paid in 1979. The LVRR decided to expand more to the Northeastern New Jersey in order to reach its freight yards without using the CNJ main line. (.2 cu. Ended: Mar 02, 2023. Engineering Drawings, [ca.1886-1940 (bulk: 1915-1930)]{#311m.284} will be of interest. ft.), Leechburg Company / Minute Books, 1937-1954. Cassatt and James McCrea, ca 1899-1913. ft.), PRR / President / Presidential Correspondence of W.W. Atterbury, 1925-1935. [1], The LVRR's rolling stock was hired from the Central Railroad of New Jersey and a contract was made with the CNJ to run two passenger trains from Easton to Mauch Chunk connecting with the Philadelphia trains on the Belvidere Delaware Railroad. The 1880s continued to be a period of growth, and the LVRR made important acquisitions in New York, expanded its reach into the southern coal field of Pennsylvania which had hitherto been the monopoly of the Reading, and successfully battled the CNJ over terminal facilities in Jersey City. Some of the lines and branches covered in the series'twenty-four boxes include: For maps of the routes and land holdings of the Lehigh and New England Railroad, the series (.1 cu. Wilson, Chief Engineer, 1881-1884. The train arrives from far away and passes the camera, while workers are waving their handkerchiefs.[37]. In New Jersey, the LVRR embarked on a decade-long legal battle with the CNJ over terminal facilities in Jersey City. ft.), Lehigh Valley Railroad / Record of Expenditures Under Authority of Forms 1416, ca 1917-1926. The Chandler Acts of 1938-9 provided a new form of relief for railroads, allowing them to restructure their debt while continuing to operate. Ousting President Elisha P. Wilbur and several directors in 1897, the Morgan company installed W. Alfred Walter as president and seated its own directors. ft.), Susquehanna and Clearfield Railroad / Annual Report to the Auditor General of Pennsylvania, 1895-1896. ft.), PRR / Secretary / Imprint File, 1904-1968. (17.5 cu. The company was a subsidiary of the Lehigh Coal & Navigation Company (LC&N), but for much of its lifetime leased by the Central Railroad of New Jersey.It was founded in 1837 to carry coal from the North Branch Division of the Pennsylvania Canal to the . The Delaware, Lehigh, Schuylkill and Susquehanna Railroad (DLS&S) was authorized by the Pennsylvania General Assembly on April 21, 1846, to construct a railroad from Mauch Chunk, Pennsylvania, now Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, to Easton, Pennsylvania. The LVRR first attempted to obtain a right of way at Greenville, but the Pennsylvania Railroad checkmated them by purchasing most of the properties needed. (.15 cu. ft.), PRR / VP of Real Estate / Letter Press Books of George W.I. The most important market in the east was New York City, but the LVRR was dependent on the CNJ and the Morris Canal for transport to the New York tidewater. The Valuable Papers are arranged numerically by file number, and are indexed by 27 rolls of 16 mm microfilm (roll #s RRV 1073-1099) in a variety of ways: alphabetically by personal or corporate name of parties, alphabeticaly by name of geographical location, and numerically by file number. ft.), PRR / Secretary / Notes for Centennial History of PRR Company, ca 1946-1949. Conversely, the other railroads' obligations to pay those fees to the Penn Central were not waived. ft.), Columbia and Port Deposit Railway / Annual Reports to the Auditor General of Pennsylvania, 1895-1896. Passengers were routed to the Pennsylvania Railroad's terminal and ferry. The tracks from Dupont to Mehoopany became a new rail line called the Susquehanna Branch. (1.5 cu. As a result, the PC was relieved of its obligation to pay fees to various Northeastern railroadsthe Lehigh Valley includedfor the use of their railcars and other operations. Lehigh Valley Railroad System Map.svg. Please note: There also exists an unprocessed series of PRR/Penn Central maps entitled: Architectural Drawings and Maps, ca 1818-1970 (1883-1965). Finally after settling the legal issues, the Newark Bay was bridged in 1892 by the Jersey City, Newark and Western Railway and connected to the National Docks Railway, which was partly owned by the LVRR and which reached the LVRR's terminal. 1835-1925]. Photo by Doug Lilly. The Association of American Railroads, which opposed nationalization, submitted an alternate proposal for a government-funded private company. Approximately 350,000 tons of anthracite moved to Perth Amboy during that year for transshipment by water. (43 cu. James Madison Porter was the first President of the Lehigh Valley Railroad. (.1 cu. On April 1, 1976, the LVRR, including its main line, was merged into the U.S. government's Consolidated Rail Corporation (Conrail) ending 130 years of existence and 121 years of operation of the LVRR. The Lehigh Valley Railroad remained in operation during the 1970 bankruptcy, as was the common practice of the time. (.55 cu. ft.), PRR / Comptroller / Cash Books for the Trust Created for Purchase of Securities, 1878-1939. By 1859 it had 600 coal cars and 19 engines. [1] In the 1870s the LVRR acquired other large tracts of land starting at 13,000 acres (53km2) in 1870,[9] with an additional of 5,800 acres (23km2) in 1872,[12] and turned its eye toward expansion across New Jersey all the way to the New York City area. - Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway . Budd Rail Diesel Car service would continue on a branch line (Lehighton-Hazleton) for an additional four days. [29] At the same time, the LVRR organized the Buffalo and Geneva Railroad to build the rest of the 97-mile Geneva to Buffalo trackage, from Geneva to Lancaster. (.5 cu. The line became known as the Lehigh Line during Conrail ownership. ft.), PRR / President / Presidential Correspondence of Samuel Rea, 1913-1925. ft.), PRR / VP of Real Estate / Contract Book of George B. Roberts, 1869-1884. The railroad was authorized on April 21, 1846, for freight and transportation of passengers, goods, wares, merchandise and minerals[1] in Pennsylvania and the railroad was incorporated and established on September 20, 1847, as the Delaware, Lehigh, Schuylkill and Susquehanna Railroad Company. :-)). Although the 1864 acquisition of the Beaver Meadow had included a few hundred acres of coal land, by 1868 the LVRR was feeling pressure from the Delaware and Hudson and the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad in the northern Wyoming Valley coal field, where the railroads mined and transported their own coal at a much reduced cost. In many cases the Rights of Way were not perpetual, but were granted for, say, 99 years. (17 cu. (.0 cu. ft.), Pittsburgh and Lake Erie / Railroad Annual Reports, 1967, 1969, 1972-1974, 1976-1977. [1], The port on Lake Erie at Buffalo was critical to the LVRR's shipments of coal to western markets and for receipt of grain sent by the West to eastern markets. linearly along particular rail lines. (2 cu. Please enable scripts and reload this page. ft.), Buffalo Creek Railroad / Valuable Papers Files, 1868-1967. The LVRR began construction of a series of railroads to connect the Easton and Amboy line (Easton and Amboy Railroad) to Jersey City. ft.). In the war years 1914 to 1918, the Lehigh handled war materials and explosives at its Black Tom island facility, which had been obtained along with the National Docks Railroad in 1900. (1 cu. In 1856, the "E. A. Packer" 4-4-0 was purchased from William Mason of Taunton, Massachusetts. In 1901, Morgan arranged to have the Packer Estate's holdings purchased jointly by the Erie, the Pennsylvania, the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway, the DL&W and the CNJ, all companies in which Morgan had interests. [4] All this changed in October 1851, when Asa Packer took majority control of the DLS&S. and Executive Comm., 1853-1906. (143 cu. (.1 cu. In 1928, he attempted to seat a new president and board. Across the river in Easton, Pennsylvania, the line interchanges with its Pennsylvania side branch line, the Portland Secondary, which extends from Easton to Portland, Pennsylvania, connecting to the Stroudsburg Secondary, which was originally part of the Lackawanna Old Road (or simply Old Road); the Stroudsburg Secondary goes under the Lackawanna Cut-Off and connects with the Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad. The owners still owned the property, but the railroad was allowed to conduct agreed-upon activities on the swath in question. In 1973, the United States Congress acted to create a bill to nationalize all bankrupt railroads which included the LV. [1] [50] The "3R Act," as it was called, provided interim funding to the bankrupt railroads and defined a new "Consolidated Rail Corporation" under the AAR's plan. Prior to that time, the Temple Iron Company was a small concern that happened to have a broad charter allowing it to act as a holding company. (.11 cu. ft.), Wilcox Railroad Annual Reports to the Auditor General of Pennsylvania, 1895-1896. The line was later extended out to the northwest past Jim Thorpe to the Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, area and later it reached the Buffalo, New York, area and past Easton all the way to Perth Amboy, New Jersey, and then switched direction to the northeast to Jersey City, New Jersey, later cut back to Newark, New Jersey. When the LVRR opened, those producers eagerly sent their product by the railroad instead of canal, and within two years of its construction the LVRR was carrying over 400,000 tons of coal annually. The Lehigh Line still exists and still serves as a major freight railroad line that operates in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. . ft.), PRR / VP of Real Estate / Minute Books of the Road Committee, 1847-1948. [38] Through bonds issued by the D&H, he obtained 30% of the LVRR stock, and won the support of nearly half the stockholders. In 1882, the LVRR began an extensive expansion into New York from Waverly to Buffalo. The railroad would run parallel to the Lehigh River and break the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company's monopoly on coal traffic originating in the Wyoming Valley. The LVRR shareholders received shares of the now independent Lehigh Valley Coal Company, but the railroad no longer had management control of the production, contracts, and sales of its largest customer. A long segment west from Van Etten Junction to Buffalo was included in the Conrail takeover, but was mostly torn-up not long afterward. [17] In 1871, the entire line from Phillipsburg to Wilkes-Barre was leased to the CNJ. The Geneva, Ithaca & Athens Railroad passed into the hands of the LVRR in September 1876, which extended from the New York state line near Sayre, Pennsylvania, to Geneva, New York, a distance of 75 miles. ft.), Erie Railroad / Miscellaneous Land Records, [ca. (92 cu. Coal, steel, passengers, and various other freight could be carried via the Lehigh Valley Railroad to either the Great Lakes or . The Anthracite Railroads Historical Society maintains this website in the memory of Ed Schaller, a kind man with a wonderful personality, who served many years as treasurer on the Board of Directors. The building shutdown in 1961 and was demolished. [2][13] By 1893, the LVRR owned or controlled 53,000 acres (210km2) of coal lands. ft.), PRR / V.P. (.1 cu. The route across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Oak Island Yard remains important to the Norfolk Southern Railway and CSX Transportation today, the only two Class 1 railroads that are based in the Eastern United States. (.05 cu. The line became known as the Lehigh Line during Conrail ownership. The Lehigh Valley Railroad began providing service to Hemlock lake in 1895. The Reading, now out of receivership, purchased the company and brought the other coal railroads into the partnership, with the Reading owning 30%, the LVRR 23%, the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western 20%, CNJ 17%, Erie 6%, and New York, Susquehanna and Western 4 percent. In addition, we now hold a physical volume entitled Real Estate Atlas of the Western Pennsylvania Railroad, Butler Division, [ca. ft.), PRR / Secretary / Minute Books of the Real Estate Committee, 1869-1918. Oil and gas were supplanting coal as the fuel of choice. (1.25 cu. Customers naturally resented the actions of the cartel, and since coal was critical to commerce, Congress intervened in 1887 with the Interstate Commerce Act that forbade the roads from joining into such pools. It leased the CNJ and the LVRR, purchased the railroads' coal companies and arranged for the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad to cooperate with the combination, thereby controlling 70% of the trade. Countries. The line is part of Norfolk Southern's Harrisburg Division and it is part of Norfolk Southern's Crescent Corridor, a railroad corridor. are Interested, 1962. ft.), PRR / VP of Eastern Region / Locality Files, 1918-1936. Leadership of the company transferred smoothly to Charles Hartshorne, who had been vice president under Packer. Through neglect, the Reading allowed the charter to lapse, and it was acquired by the Lehigh Valley, which immediately constructed the Schuylkill and Lehigh Valley Railroad. (2 cu. . ft.), Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad / Agreements, Leases and Mortgage, 1847-1886. (.3 cu. Bankruptcy trustee July 1970August 1974. United States (except New York) States. The line connects with Conrail Shared Assets Operations's Lehigh Line (the new rail line) and CSX Transportation's Trenton Subdivision at Port Reading Junction in Manville, New Jersey, and connects with the Reading Blue Mountain and Northern Railroad's Reading Division at Packerton, Pennsylvania, and Reading Blue Mountain and Northern Railroad's Lehigh Division at Lehighton, Pennsylvania (originally M&H Junction near Old Penn Haven, Pennsylvania). ibuypower keyboard ibp ares m1 kb manual, penn state basketball recruiting 2023,

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